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TropNetworking Blog SmackDown


The Tropnetworking Blog Smackdown was designed to help new bloggers decide which blog best fits their needs. The same blog posts were set up on competing sites to see how hard they were to use and what they would look like. You are encouraged to comment at any or all of the sites.

Visit Blog SmackDown sites to comment and compare:

Quick Summaries of Sites


“Blogger was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999.”[i] Blogger was acquired by Google in 2002.

Templates: Limited number

Cost: Free

Share buttons: email, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, G+

Site URL:

When setting up a Google Blogger account, you must have a google account. If you set up a Google account under your own name, then you can choose whether to use that personal account information as the identity of the blogger or you can choose a blogging pseudonym that will be used with all of your posts. We set up the tropnetworking blog as a pseudonym under my gmail account. Gmail then allows the blog sub domain to be specified. The domain name for all google blogs is We selected the subdomain tropnetworking and set up


Posthaven was created by Gary Tan and Brett Gibson in 2013 after Twitter acquired subsequently shutdown his last blog platform Posterious. Posterious was launched in 2008 and acquired by Twitter in 2012. After declining usage, Twitter announced that Posterious would close on April 30, 2013.

Templates: Not yet

Cost: $5/ month

Share buttons: Twitter, Facebook

Site URL:

First impression: An interesting startup we should watch. Does not yet have all the bells and whistles, but it does have an experienced startup team.


Cost: $8/ month introduction; $16/ month unlimited blog and web; $24/ month with eCommerce



Word Press sites can be created either at or at many web page hosting sites. A web hosting site can use WordPress simply by downloading the WordPress software to a folder on the site. The features are nearly the same in either location, however the cost is just for the hosting so will vary by the hosting company.

The strength of WordPress is its long term popularity and open source design. Many people and organization have developed templates for WordPress making for a wide variety of choices rich with customization options.

Templates: Many

Site URL: (for hosted by WordPress sites.)

To use the WordPress software at another web hosting site, the software will need to be uploaded to the site. Many web hosting sites already support WordPress so adding WebPress feature may just meaning clicking a button the hosting site to add the features. If the site does not provide support, then the software can be manually uploaded to one of your web folders.

[i] Blogger, About page, accessed 8/30/2013.


BVI Sailing


Rum ahead! Another beautiful day sailing the BVI’s.


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